D3 Carolina Dive Trips

Carolina , USA

In the Carolina’s, shipwrecks, sharks called raggies and tales of pirates make this Southern spot a must-dive destination.

Carolina Dive Trips

The diving opportunities in the Carolina’s are vast and varied, including shipwrecks, caves, long drift dives, shipwrecks, extensive spring water cave systems, and the unique opportunity to dive with the Tangerine Darter The Crystal Coast boasts a past rich with tales of Blackbeard and Civil War battles. DIVE DIVE DIVE offers a wide range of travel opportunities, for all budgets, to experience the fun of diving.


The Caribbean is abound with many world class dive destinations. The waters are usually warm and clear.

Scuba diving Pacific enjoys the reputation as being the very best in the world. the Pacific a diver’s paradise.

Asia has many exotic dive destinations, If you are looking for an exotic dive that few have shared this is where you want to go.


Florida has 1,350 miles of coastline and over 30,000 lakes throughout the state. The Florida marine life is diverse with hundreds of native and non-native species. The winding rivers etched with forests, preserves, keys, and the vast ocean is an eco-tourists dream destination.